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Making NYC Greener!

Over $413,000 worth of trees planted as a result of our Green City Project!

Who We

Get to Know Us

NYCEarth is a student-driven non-profit organization operating within New York City.

Our mission is to bring the largest number of trees possible to vacant tree beds around NYC. We empower teens by creating opportunities for student involvement and leadership.

Why Trees?

Trees play key roles in our daily life. Let's explore exactly how.


Quality of Life

Trees increase the quality of life in a neighborhood. They provide shade, clean air, softened soil and create a sustainable environment for everyone.   

Cloud in the Sky

Air Quality

Trees are "The Lungs of The Earth."  They trap air pollutants and play a vital role in keeping city air breathable. Without trees, NYC would be difficult to live in.*  

Mount Fuji

Mental Health

Trees have been proven to lower stress, reduce both depression and anxiety and lower cortisol. In addition, trees combat extreme heat events spurred on by global warming. It has been documented that high temperatures correlate with increased risk of self-harm and rates of violence.  ** 

*As cited in (Jones and McDermott, 2018.) (Nowak and Crane, 2002.) and (Akbari, 2002.).

** As cited in (Mahendren et al, 2021.) (Wells et al, 2003) and (Park et al, 2010.).

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Our Team.

Meet some of the people who make NYCEarth go round.

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