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About Us

*A Tree Grows in Brooklyn*

NYCEarth is a student lead non-profit organization operating within New York City.  Our mission is to bring the largest number of trees possible to vacant tree beds around NYC.  We empower teens to become involved in active leadership so that they can implement meaningful community improvements. 

Already we have overseen the planting of 118 trees across 4 Brooklyn neighborhoods, and we are just getting started. We also operate intramurally within 3 Brooklyn high schools and alongside one local non-profit organization; Beautify Brooklyn. NYCEarth is a relatively new organization but it is already making ambitious steps forward. 

It is our goal to promote critical thinkers and doers by facilitating the skills and resiliency needed to succeed in our increasingly complex future.  We believe this is a start.


Our Story

NYCEarth has been committed since day one to improving the quality of life for New Yorkers and giving a voice to developing thinkers. We began as a small-scale project created by lifelong Brooklyn residents Tabor Axelrod Paoli and Robert Elstein in collaboration with the parent organization Beautify Brooklyn. It works primarily with high school students who wanted to widen opportunities for teens to improve their community. NYCEarth was created to bring increased greenspace to New York neighborhoods most in need of it, but even beyond that, it is designed to be a chance at expression. It is a chance to give a voice to young activists. It is a chance for eager thinkers and avid doers to unite and create change in their world.


Starting in Millennium Brooklyn High School and since expanding to work alongside many others, we believe everyone has the potential to change the world. We've seen it, and continue to be amazed at the impact.        

Meet Our Team

Proud to work with

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